Pay It Forward: Lisa Benson of Montgomery

Our Pay It Forward honoree this week is Lisa Benson of Montgomery. She runs a non-profit to help seniors with their needs.

For years,  Benson has been using her own money to plan activities and meals for the senior members of the community. She now runs a non-profit named after her own grandmother called “MaMagg’s Gift.”

“I ran into a lot of seniors that could no longer cook and what I do even to this day, I cook meals for them. I have some that they can’t drive so what I have to do is travel a lot of miles to get the meals to them,” said Benson.

Shirley Martin has known Benson for years and she says she has always had a heart to serve others.

“I know she has always had a passion for helping people especially the elderly. Even when the pandemic was going on she was going, ‘how am I going to get things for my seniors, what they need?’ She figured out a way and she did not miss a beat,” said Martin.

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