Pay It Forward: Cheryl Ransaw of Montgomery


Our Pay It Forward honoree this week is Cheryl Ransaw of Montgomery. She is making a difference by her work with the Women of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.

Ransaw is the event coordinator for Women of Hope, a non profit organization in Montgomery.

“We try to educate and support breast cancer families and breast cancer survivors, so we give out flyers and different information letting them know we are here for them,” said Ransaw.

Although Ransaw has never had breast cancer, she had a friend who did.
She attended a Women of Hope support group with her several years ago.

“When I started going with her, I got so emotional and so into it the Lord just put it in my heart to join it,” said Ransaw.

Fast forward 8 years, and Ransaw is coordinating events among other things.

“I think it’s awesome what she does because you know dealing with people who has breast cancer is a lot. So I know within our church Bethlehem Baptist Church, she does a lot of auxiliaries there,” said Ransaw’s nominator Mable Snow.

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