Pay It Forward: Lisa Oliver of Luverne

Our Pay It Forward honoree this week is Lisa Oliver of Luverne. She created an online group for those in Crenshaw County to help each other out.


Last year, Lisa Oliver says she went to help her aunt in north Alabama and was inspired by a group of people helping each other in times of need.
So she decided to create her own group back home called “Crenshaw Cares Help Exchange.”

“If somebody needs something– like if they need a new set of stairs for the front porch, maybe they had something happen– and people can go volunteer to go help them build new steps. So it’s ‘ask if you need something and share if you’ve got something,'” said Beth Rogers, who nominated Oliver.

From wheelchair ramps to food and clothing, the 1300 member group has helped each other in times of need.

“To me, what’s inspiring is it’s across race, age, it’s across religion. There’s nothing other than folks in Crenshaw County who are helping one another,” said Rogers.

Although she created the group, Oliver is very humble when it comes to receiving any attention about it.

“I don’t want recognition for it. It’s not me. I had an idea and I helped it out. It’s the community helping each other and even anonymously families are helping the family and they don’t know it,” said Oliver.


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