Business Owners Say they’re ‘Stuck in the Middle’ with Vaccine Mandate Controversy

Now that Alabama legislators passed a bill (SB9) to create exemptions, whether religious or not, for the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate, many business owners say they are stuck in the middle.

“The primary target of it is a religious rather wise personal exemption to the federal COVID vaccine mandate,” said Dr. Allen Linkin, professor and researcher at the University of Alabama.

Jim Massey, President of Jim Massey’s Cleaners and Laundry, has just under 100 employees with 85, and says being so close to the 100 mark makes him concerned with all the controversy.

“You’re talking to your attorneys, to find out what’s the best direction for us,” said Massey, “You’re also trying to keep your employees and personnel so whats best for them. There’s a lot to factor into it.”

Massey has been encouraging his employees to get vaccinated, and has even given out $50 bonuses to those who do, but says he respects everyone’s decision.

“We went from 31% to just under 70%,” said Massey.


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