Pay It Forward: Lorri Simpson of Wetumpka


For the past four years, Lorri Simpson has worked at the Elmore County Humane Shelter.
And even before that, she and her husband fostered and bottle fed animals welcoming them into
their home and property.

“My life is fulfilled because I cannot imagine not helping animals. We’ve took in three horses. We took in a donkey that needed a home. Our cup runneth over. It literally saves lives. It will change your life in the process with what little we do for the animals,” said Simpson.

Her friend Jennifer Vanlandingham nominated her for all she does.

“Lorri is like the patron Saint Francis. She’s there for the animals big, small, cattle, you name it. She does the same for people, too, actually. She’s opened up her home and helped people when they have had nowhere to go,” said Vanlandingham.

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