Lowndes Co. Residents Speak Out About DOJ Investigation

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Lowndes County residents are speaking out about the investigation the U. S. Justice Department has launched into longstanding wastewater and sewage problems in the county.

Flora Yeldon of Hayneville says she’s been dealing with wastewater and sewage issues at her home for years.

“Boo-boo would come in my sink — my tub — all over the floor,” she said.

On Tuesday — the United States Justice Department announced an investigation into wastewater disposal — and infectious disease and outbreak programs in the county. In addition to whether sanitation programs have discriminated against Black residents.

Wal Dojlowndesfolo Fox PkgDOJ officials say state and local health officials are obligated under federal civil rights laws to protect the health — life — and safety — of all of their residents.

“I’m glad they is involved, I’m glad! I’m glad cause this is something a lot of people go through the same thing I go through. That’s filth,” Yeldon said.

Vera Mickle has dealt with sewage problems at her home over the years as well.

“When you don’t have the same opportunities that others have, that’s a discrimination in itself. Because this is our place we are living,” said Mickle.

Yeldon says now that the federal government is involved — maybe something will finally be done — to fix the problems.

“I don’t know what’s the problem, but I’ve been going through this for years baby. And it’s a mess,” said Yeldon.

“You just don’t know I been through something with this sewage system.”

The Justice Department says it will conduct a fair and thorough investigation of the environmental justice concerns — and their impact on the health — life — and safety of people in Lowndes County.

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