Thieves Steal Farm Equipment in Dallas Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

More than $60,000 dollars worth of farm equipment is stolen from a Dallas County farm.

Sheriff Mike Granthum says the theft happened about a week ago at the JB Hain Company in Sardis.

Two camouflage Gators — two ATVs — and a dump trailer were among the property that was stolen.

Wal Farmburglary VoAccording to investigators the thieves cut the barbed wire fence along County Road 138 — to gain access to the equipment undetected.

Granthum says the suspects are now — likely trying to sell the items. So he’s warning area residents — against buying stolen goods.

“We just want you to cover yourself. And we don’t want to hear the excuse that I didn’t know it was stolen. Cause if you buy something for $300 dollars and it’s worth $5000, yeah you know in the back of your mind that you’re getting too good of a deal and it’s stolen. You’re going to be held just as liable as the person that stole it.”

Anyone with information that could help investigators — or suspects that you may have already bought an item that may have been stolen — call the sheriff’s department at (334) 874-2530.

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