Pay It Forward: Kay Massey of Tallassee

Kay Massey’s daughter-in-law, Wendy, nominated her for Pay It Forward. She says her mother-in-law goes above and beyond to help others out.

“I’ve been a bus driver for 12 years now and ever since I became one, I’ve had a special needs son. She’s always helped me watch him so I could work. I was a stay at home mom until then. She watches him, and years later my aunt, who came to live with me,” said Fomby.

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‘Ms. Kay,’ as she’s called, helps to feed, dress and change the diaper for her special needs grandson, Josh.
But in 2015, she lost her leg and she’s now is a wheelchair.
And as Fomby tells us, it didn’t change a thing.

“When she lost it, she didn’t slow down a bit. She took care of Josh, did everything for him just like she did my aunt too. Next thing we know, she’s out in her truck. She has a string tied to the door and that’s how she got in and got out and shut the door. She’s got a lot of grit. I just think she deserves it,” said Fomby.

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