Alabama House Democrats Release Legislative Agenda

Alabama’s House Democratic Caucus, is calling their legislative agenda the “pro growth, pro innovation, pro alabama” plan.

Legislators say the plan contains bills that focus on a stronger healthcare system, advancing education,  rebuilding  small businesses, and prison reform.

“I think at the end of the day the things that are right for Alabama should be right for anyone, democrat or republican and we’ve had open dialogue.” said House Minority Leader, Rep. Anthony Daniels.

Democrats say more needs to be done for prison reform and that brick and mortar will not sold Alabama’s prison issues.

“It was a mistake for the majority to use COVID- 19 relief dollars to fund prison construction and not implement along with it, significant reforms,” says Rep. Prince Chestnut.

The  House Democratic Caucus is also pushing for voting rights, after republicans passed controversial voting laws in 2021.

“Unnecessary, bureaucratic barriers to voting must be removed so that no eligible voter is denied the right to vote” said Rep. Neil Rafferty of Birmingham.

Governor Ivey proposed a 4 percent pay raise and a bonus for retired teachers in her state of the state address, the House Democrats support the measure, but say it is not enough.

“We support a cost of living adjustment for our retired educators as well as a pay raise for all educators, says Rep. Barbara Drummond of Mobile.

Democrats say the republican majority have passed and are proposing legislation, for issues that don’t exist in Alabama, and much of it is political posturing for an election year.

“They talk about critical race theory but Governor Ivey says that it doesn’t exist in Alabama, and it doesn’t exist in our k-12 system. So we’re taking on issues that are not even, doesn’t exist in our state,” said Daniels.

House Democrats are also pushing back against legislation that would eliminate pistol permits, calling the proposal, a threat to public safety.

Governor Ivey in her State of the State Address, urged Legislators to prioritize allocating $560 million in coronavirus relief funds this session.

Lawmakers have until 2024 to allocate the funds.

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