Alexander City Schools to Switch to Virtual Learning

Alexander City Schools will shift to remote learning effective Friday, January 14.

The school system says students will return to schools on Thursday, January 20.

In a news release, the school system says it will continue to monitor COVID cases, instances of quarantine, as well as staff and student absences.

It says 27 ACS staff members and 327 students are absent due to illness or quarantine with multiple pending test results.

Teachers will be sending an information packet home along with technology devices Thursday afternoon. For those without Internet access, MiFi Devices can be checked out for the periods of remote learning by contacting Brad Strother at the ACS central office. Strother will be available January 13 from 8:00AM until 12:00PM and then from 1:30PM until 4:30PM.

Lunch and breakfast will be served in a grab-n-go fashion at Stephens Elementary School each day that ACS is remote from 11:00AM to 11:30AM. Parents can pick up lunch by going through the drop off line in the front of the school.

ACS encourages parents to monitor student(s) during this period of remote learning for any symptoms of COVID-19. The school nurse should be notified if a student tests positive during this time.

All buildings and schools will be thoroughly sanitized during this period of remote learning. School officials say they are hopeful that this temporary shift to remote teaching and learning will lessen transmission and allow ACS to safely resume in-person instruction.

If there are any changes to the dates specified, a notification will be sent to all parents and updated on social media platforms and website.


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