Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed Hosts His Second State Of The City Address

“I am pleased to report that the state of this city is resilient.” – Mayor Steven Reed

Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed discussed many improvements in business and education that occurred in 2021. He also talked about how important it is for Montgomery to become a cleaner and safer place in this new year.

The topic on many residents’ minds was how the city plans to improve safety and how they plan to put an end to the rise in gun violence.

“Public safety is my top priority in this new year. It has been a top priority since we have come into this office, and there is no other higher priority that we can have, then the peace and sanity for the people of this city.”

“This year the city will invest half a million dollars into gunfire detection and prevention systems.”

In addition to that program the city plans to work closely with residents and community leaders to continue to make positive changes to the city of Montgomery.




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