Program honoring MLK Day held on Alabama State Capitol steps

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, members of the community gathered at the state capitol steps for a program reflecting on his life.

Among others, speakers included Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed, County Commissioner Isaiah Sankey, and Alabama State Senator Kirk Hatcher. They noted how this is a day that should forever be celebrated because of the sacrifices Dr. King made.

And, that his actions should inspire the community to push for continuous change. They are proud of the progress made over the years, but believe there is still more work to be done to break racial barriers.

“They were wonderful, inspiring messages to help people begin to move again,” Sen. Hatcher said. “To do things again in a way that I think will heal our community, not just Montgomery, but all of this country. I just genuinely believe that the healing of this nation is going to have to come back through Montgomery, Alabama. I believe it.”

Since many MLK Day celebrations were cancelled because of COVID-19, those in attendance at this program were thankful still to be able to honor Dr. King in this way.

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