Highway Dedicated to First Black Sheriff in the South, Macon Co.

History was honored in Tuskegee on Thursday, as the new Lucius D. Amerson highway was unveiled.

Amerson was the first black elected sheriff in the south after reconstruction, in Macon county.

With many friends, county officials, and family of Amerson – including son Anthony Amerson – the dedication ceremony was held in Booker T. Washington high school due to inclement weather. Though, the location change was thought of a positive change as students were let out of class to watch the ceremony.

“I hope something sank in for these young people,” said Louis Maxwell, Macon Co. Commission chairman, “As we talk about this man making history right here in Macon county Alabama.”

Maxwell talked about how Amerson inspired him when he was younger, to go to college and do more in his career.

“I grew up in Mississippi and had no other desire to go anywhere else other than the cotton field and corn field,” said Maxwell, “And when I saw him get elected, I felt that I could do it.”

If you would like to visit the sign, it is on the corner of South Main St. and Gautier St. in Tuskegee, which is right in front of the home of where Amerson resided.

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