How Can You Protect Your Property from the Wave of Car Burglaries in Montgomery County?

There have been a recent string of burglaries happening throughout Montgomery County and the public is wondering what law enforcement are doing about it?

The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office held a press conference Wednesday morning to discuss these crimes.

“Don’t think you’re just safe out in the rural setting,” stated Sheriff Derrick Cunningham. “Lock your car doors.”Screen Shot 2022 01 26 At 43452 Pm

No matter the make of model, Montgomery cars are being broken into by thieves. The burglaries started out in Montgomery City neighborhoods, but have now branched out to rural parts of the county.

“We want to remind the public that this is taking place,” stated Sheriff Cunningham. “These guys and girls are going around checking car doors, they’re looking for an easy opportunity and we want you to be able to take that easy opportunity out of the picture.”

At the press conference, the Sheriff’s office provided video footage of an attempted burglary out in Bullard County of a suspect checking vehicles in the residential area. Sheriff Cunningham strongly advises car owners to keep their vehicles locked at all times.

“A lot of times these crimes are crimes of opportunity,” stated Trent Beasley of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. “So, we want the public to know that they have us out here working but at the same time they can have them working for us as well and helping us do our job.”

The Sheriff’s Office highly recommends residents register their valuables under their Montgomery County Residents Operation Identification Program. The program is free and its main purpose is to help citizens get their stolen property back. The program also helps retrieve stolen items even if they cross state lines.

“You may not remember all that information at the time of the investigation,” stated Sgt. Marshawn Garner of the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. “This database maintains that information and keeps it and stores it, it’s secure and it’s accessible any time of the day.”

The Residents Operation Identification Program is offered by the Sheriff’s Office and any Montgomery County resident can create an account to secure their personal property.

So, even if you live out in the country, keep your vehicles locked and look out for suspicious individuals in your area.

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