14 candidates qualify in governor’s race, Political Analyst Steve Flowers weighs in

Republican and democratic candidates have now qualified for the Alabama governor’s race, and as we get closer to the primaries, Political Analyst Steve Flowers weighs in.

Fourteen candidates have now qualified for Alabama’s gubernatorial election.

Candidates include eight republicans going up against incumbent Governor Kay Ivey:

Lindy Blanchard
Lew Burdette
Stacy Lee George
Tim James
Donald Trent Jones
Dean Odle
Dave Thomas
Dean Young

“The only way Kay (Gov. Ivey) can be in trouble for re-electability is if she gets into a runoff,” Alabama News Network Political Analyst Steve Flowers said. “Having eight republicans makes that a possibility.”

There are also five democratic candidates who qualified:

Yolanda Rochelle Flowers
Patricia Salter Jamieson
Arthur Kennedy
Chad “Chig” Martin
Malika Sanders Fortier

“They’re unknown. They’re unfinanced and just signed up to run. There’s not a serious candidate running statewide as a democrat.”

The two practical candidates opposing Gov. Ivey may be republicans Tim James and Lindy Blanchard.

“It remains to be seen whether or not they are going to be viable. They both have personal money.”

Flowers believes advertising could heat up and play a big role in the outcome of the race.

“Eventually, to get in the circumference of Kay they’ve got to go negative on her. People lament negative advertising, but it works.”

As the campaigning continues, Alabama residents are getting ready to vote this year, including Montgomerian Josie Knott who is looking forward to heading to the polls.

“I’m excited about the vote,” Knott said. “I am. Because I want to see who we are going to get in the seat because we are in a brand new year. Its like a new beginning. So, lets see who we are going to get. Lets see what they are going to do.”

Both democratic and republican primary elections are on May 24th.

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