Pay It Forward: Tammie Rice of Greenville



Tammie Rice is a co-owner of Carter Rice & West Funeral Home in Greenville.
Although she may have to see people during times of their sadness, in her spare time she wants to be part of their joy.

“She’s great in the community. She is a native of Greenville. She graduate from Greenville High School in 1982. She’s my classmate, also she’s been awesome during the pandemic. She did so much for the seniors in Greenville, Alabama during the holidays. She is always giving baskets, bags, she goes to visit the nursing home and she writes letters to them in the nursing home,” said nominator Brendel Frost.

She didn’t let the pandemic stop her from loving on her community.

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“During the pandemic, we got this idea to do a drive-by Christmas parade, so we had someone dress up as Santa and we prepared Christmas bags for senior citizens in the community,” said Rice.

I asked her why she wants to give back so much.

“It just makes me feel good to be able to do for others. To me, it’s the Christian thing to do. If you have a desire to help others, just go ahead and do it. That’s why I do it. I enjoy being able to uplift someone and put a smile on someone else’s face,” said Rice.


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