Gov. Kay Ivey Wants Alabama School Systems, Universities to End Face Mask Mandates

Gov. Kay Ivey has issued a statement calling on all Alabama schools and universities to end their face mask mandates.

“I applaud the Alabama schools and universities who have made the decision to end mask mandates. Given the health data we’ve seen in Alabama and across the country, I encourage all schools to continue removing these mandates – we don’t need them in Alabama.

“As a former teacher, I know well that parents should be in charge of making the best decisions for their kids, not government. That’s why here in Alabama, we don’t have COVID state government mandates – we sued President Biden over his mandates, and we won. I believe in the good people of our state and will always protect their freedoms.”

Butler County Schools, the University of Alabama and Auburn University are the latest to drop their face mask mandates in most situations, excluding transportation.

Masks are still required in some other schools, including Montgomery Public Schools.

There isn’t a statewide, universal face mask mandate for schools. The decision has been left up to local school leaders.

As of February 17, the Alabama Department of Public Health reports 1,972 COVID cases in the state’s public schools. That is down from more than 26,000 on January 20, but above the 414 reported on December 2.


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