School Choice Bill Would Allow Students to Attend Any Private or Public School

Some Alabama Lawmakers want to use state funding to allow parents a “school choice” when it comes to K-12 education.

It’s called the Parents Choice Act and it would give parents $5,500 in state money to send their student to the public, private or homeschool of their choice.

Two nearly identical pieces of legislation have been proposed in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Senator Del Marsh (R) Anniston sponsors the Senate version, and Montgomery Representative Charlotte Meadows (R), is sponsoring the house version.

People opposed to the bills say it will “decapitate public education,” and cause division.

The act would create an education savings account that would give parents access to 100 percent of the state’s share of educating a public school student.

Critics say the level of funding is unsustainable and the bill will not have the impact on education that supporters think.

Many school boards and education associations around the state oppose the legislation.

Similar legislation has failed in the past.


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