Elmore County Unanimously Votes “Yes” For Ad Valorem Tax Proposal

Three school systems have successfully convinced voters to support property tax increases — Montgomery County, Autauga County and Pike Road.

Elmore County is looking to be the next school system, but many residents are concerned about it. Some residents are not convinced that this is the right decision or the right time for the county to have an Ad Valorem tax increase, while others are looking forward to it.

Monday, residents expressed opinions from both sides of this issue.

One resident after another gave their opinion on why they support or don’t support the tax increase. Many of the residents wanting specific answers on what the money for the school system will be spent on. 20 percent of the funds will be put towards those areas while the other 80 percent will go into the school system.

The commission voted unanimously in favor of the tax increase proposal. Chairman Stubbs encourages residents to learn about the condition of the schools in Elmore County to ensure that they can determine the best decision for the county.

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