Alexander City Residents Express Concern For High Utility Costs

Alexander City residents have seen what they say is an unusual increase in their utility costs. Some residents paying double even triple the amount of money they would pay in previous months. They are experiencing high costs in electricity, water, gas, but most of all sewage.

City Council President, Audrey Colvin, says that she has seen residents deal with this issue first hand, even monitoring her own mother’s utilities since she is on a fixed income. The council President encourages residents to come to city hall if they notice a significant increase so that they can get help diagnosing the cause.

High Sewage 3


The city raised the price for the sewage because they were financially in the hole when the price was lower. A 2004 rate study led to the increases. Monthly base charges started at $5 in 2006 and increased $1 per year until it reached $10 in 2011. Usage fees also increased in that time frame. In 2006 customers were charged $4.97 per 1,000 gallons of sewage; $5.22 in 2007; $5.48 in 2008; $5.75 in 2009; $6.04 in 2010; and $6.34 in 2011 where it remains today.

Although it does not explain why some residents are seeing over $200 in sewage charges, one resident even paying $798 just for sewage.

High Sewage 2 High Sewage

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