Gov. Kay Ivey Signs Bill to Improve Math Education in Alabama Schools

Gki Bill Signing

Gov. Kay Ivey has signed the Alabama Numeracy Act into law.

The act is designed to improve mathematics achievement in Alabama public schools. In 2019, Ivey and the State Board of Education eliminated Common Core from Alabama’s mathematics standards, and this legislation eradicates these standards permanently.

Ivey has released a statement, saying in part:

“For our students to have positive educational outcomes and to have success later in life, we must ensure proficiency in both reading and math is achieved. That is why, here in Alabama, we are focusing on what matters, and that is core instruction – not any of the other nonsense. Alabama parents wholeheartedly agree with that.

“We cannot accept passing our students along without the proper foundation as the status quo, and that is why I have proudly signed the Alabama Numeracy Act into law. This strategic, targeted and wise investment in our children will provide necessary resources, will include high-quality instruction and will keep our schools accountable. The Alabama Numeracy Act delivers on my commitment to place the same sense of urgency on math as we rightfully have on reading.”

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