3 Degree Guarantee: Eclectic Public Library Gets $1,350 Check

It’s time to give away another “3 Degree Guarantee” check to a local charity.

AirNow Home Services and Alabama News Network are giving a check to the Eclectic Public Library.

We are presenting $1,350, which is what we raised in March, for getting Montgomery’s high temperature correct in our weather forecasts, within three degrees.

That money will be put to good use!

“This money that is donated, thank you so much, will be used to provide summer reading materials for our summer reading program, it will be used to buy books, and also for upkeep and maintenance of the library, which is very much needed,” Eclectic Public Library librarian Betty Butler Coker said.

“Our libraries are so much more than a place to go get a book, they’re really kind of the center of our community. That particular community, we’re really big fans of, have a lot of team members in Eclectic, and we’re just really glad to be able to do it. We know its going to go to a good place,” Bill Talbot, operations manager for AirNow Home Services, said.

AirNow Home Services and Alabama News Network each chip in $25 every day that our weather team gets Montgomery’s high temperature forecast right, within three degrees.

The money grows during the month, to produce a big check that we give to charities right here in our area.


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