What the Tech? More Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is May 8 this year and that doesn’t give you much time to find something she may need or something she has no idea she’s wanted.

My mom sometimes scoffs when I suggest she try a new tech gadget Moms are super busy taking care of us and they seldom think of themselves. So I’ve rounded up a few gift ideas to help mom de-stress, no matter what she enjoys doing.

Mom doesn’t necessarily need a green thumb to grow flowers, vegetables, or herbs. The Aero Garden does all of the hard work. These hydroponic grow kits use seeded pods of whatever she wants to grow. The Aero Garden automatically feeds and waters the plants and provides the optimum amount of light each day.

I first used it to grow Italian herbs and the amount of Basil, Italian herbs, oregano, and thyme was impressive. Every week I needed to harvest herbs because they were growing so fast.

About 3 weeks ago I replaced them with cherry tomato and jalapeño pepper pods. They’ve already come up and I should have organic salsa in a couple of months. There are pod kits for flowers, salad greens, and more.

Moms who spend time at the gym could use wireless earbuds. Apple’s AirPods are a can’t miss option, but so are the Bose Quiet Comfort earbuds that seem to cancel more noise. All she’ll hear is her favorite music or podcast.

Also for the gym mom, a fingerprint scanning lock. The Tapplock requires no need for a key or remembering a combination, just a touch to unlock. You can also choose to unlock it with a smartphone app.

Every TV should be smart and a Roku, Firestick or Chromecast allow mom to watch Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and dozens of other channels and services. If she says she wouldn’t know how to use it, I suggest the Chromecast. It puts every channel she can get on one screen and it learns what she likes to watch. She can just scroll and select, or use her voice to tell it to change channels.

Mom may need a break and you can give her some Zen with a Buddha Board. These re-usable sketch boards use water and a paintbrush. She relaxes by sketching or painting and when she’s done, the water evaporates so she can use it again, the next time she wants to take a break and relax.

Which should be right about when the board dries.




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