Pay It Forward: DebbieAnn Woodard of Tallassee


Our Pay it Forward honoree this week is DebbieAnn Woodard of Tallassee. She is the manager at the Tallassee Senior Center and she was nominated by one of the seniors.

Woodard has worked at the Tallassee Senior Center for 3 years, planning activities, games, and meals for the seniors there.
But that’s not all.
In fact, she goes above and beyond to make sure her seniors are taken care of.

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“Well, she is very friendly and, here, at the Senior Center in Tallassee, she does everything for us. She’ll help with us with our electricity bill and she gets things for us, different programs and stuff we don’t know is available.” said Susan Hart, who nominated Woodard.

When the pandemic hit two years ago, it changed the way they did some things at the senior center.

“When we closed for Covid, we couldn’t have them here in the building, but we still did everything and it was strictly meals on wheels,” said Woodard.

“And she puts little notes in our food. Little jokes,” said Hart.

It’s about making a difference.
And It’s all a part of why Woodard loves her job.

“I enjoy like making their day and things like that,” said Woodard.

“Yeah, she makes our day. We love coming, all of us. Quite a few of us come here and it’s a joy to see her every day. She helps us all, you know, she treats us like family. She’s a really nice, good person,” said Hart.


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