Carastar Health Held Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and Carastar Health held their ribbon cutting ceremony on Carmichael road for their expansion.

Carastar Health, formerly known as Montgomery Area Mental Health Authority, has had a major expansion of their services in the River Region area.Screen Shot 2022 05 16 At 21651 Pm Carastar’s expansion has provided more resources and facilities for people in the area who need help with their mental health. One extension of the main facility contains beds and rooms for someone to safely stay in for either 23 hours or for up to a week.

All Carastar Health services are provided by local professionals who are trained to help someone in a mental health crisis. Kim Boswell, the Commissioner of Alabama Department of Mental Health, stated that the new expansion will help provide more beds and proper resources for people going through a mental health crisis.

“Where do I go? Who do I call? How do I get services?” stated Boswell. “Sometimes they’re told they have to wait 4 to 6 weeks to even get in to see a clinician. That’s the beauty of this crisis center is that it’s 24/7. You can show up here and somebody is going see you. You can get a good assessment and they can kind of triage and figure out where you need to be and how you can get the services that you need.”

The Main Crisis Diversion Center is scheduled to be open for business by late 2022.

You can learn more about Carastar Health on their website.

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