Pay It Forward: Patricia Holliday June


Our Pay It Forward honoree this week is Patricia Holliday June of Montgomery. She is an advocate for the homeless and works to help beautify her community.

Neighbors helping neighbors. It’s a grass roots based initiative that is near and dear to Patricia Holliday June, whether it’s feeding the hungry or cleaning up the neighborhood.

“I have “Adopt A Street” where I encourage many communities to adopt a street near them. Don’t go out of the way, just adopt one right near you. Keep it clean. I supply the bags for that,” said Holliday June.

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Stephanie Carter says she met Patricia Holiday June a few years ago through a community networking app. And she says she was drawn to what she was doing.

“I believe God speaks to us and sometimes you are just driven to do things, and that’s when you need to listen and if you can, help out,” said Carter.

“She really looks out for the neighborhood. She’ll drive around this neighborhood, the next one, and if there’s messes in the yard or people have been evicted or looks bad, she gets on that and helps keep her area clean,” said Carter.

Patricia is also a huge advocate for the homeless.
After her brother’s death and learning of his secret homelessness…it inspired her to do more.

“I want people to feel comfortable. You don’t have to sign your name on anything. Tell me what you need. Let me evaluate what you need then I reach out to the community,” said Holliday June.


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