ALEA Safety Tips for Memorial Day Weekend Traveling

As we approach Memorial Day Weekend, you may be planning on going out on the water or traveling somewhere, but law enforcement reminds you safety needs to come first.

Alabama State Troops are stressing travel safety for this weekend and gave some tips on what ‘not’ to do while operating a vehicle.

Memorial Day Weekend is known for traveling and spending time with loved ones, but operating a vehicle, whether it’s on the water or the highway, still has it’s dangers.Screen Shot 2022 05 25 At 51656 Pm

Driving a boat is still just as dangerous as driving a car, especially if you are under the influence. Drinking alcohol and driving a boat is extremely dangerous, not just for the driver but also for the passengers. The rising heat also speeds up alcohol in the body and you will feel more drunk after only having a few drinks.

“Drinking or operating a vehicle impaired just doesn’t work,” stated ALEA’s Sgt. Jeremy Burkett. “We’re going to have zero tolerance for that. If we see you out there on the waterway operating a vessel impaired we’re going to pull you over, we’re going do the field sobriety test, and you’re going to jail.”

The holiday weekend also means even more people on the water and roadways, so Alabama State Troopers want drivers to be mindful of each other and to give each other a lot of space while traveling. Especially for vehicles that are towing since they will not have a completely clear view of what is behind them.

Watch your speed and be cautious of other drivers speeding or driving erratically.

“Once you get out here, don’t be in a hurry to get nowhere,” stated ALEA’s Senior Trooper Jonathan Walker. “Take your time; slow down a little bit. You’re not going be late for work because nobody works on the water out here so just enjoy the weather, enjoy the day, enjoy the water, and just take your time.”

State Troopers want everyone on the water to wear a life jacket, even if you do not plan to get in the water. This will insure your safety in case of falling off the boat. Wear a seat belt while in a car. You are more likely to survive a car crash with a seat belt than without it.

To insure a fun filled weekend, remember: don’t drink and drive, be mindful of other drivers, and be cautious.

State Troopers will be out all weekend long on the water and the roads to make sure everybody stays safe during the holiday weekend.

To learn more about driving and boating safety, visit ALEA’s website to learn more about the 101 days of safety.

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