Pay It Forward: Joanne Lewis of Sardis


Joanne Lewis is always helping someone whether it’s her own family or neighbors.

“First of all, I started taking care of my daddy when he was ill. And then after that he passed, I take care of my mother. She’s like 98-years-old and my husband’s been sick for the past six years, and I’ve been taking care of him,” said Joanne.

Destiny Daniels is 16-years-old.
She came to live with Lewis when she was 18-months-old.
And Lewis raised her and two other girls.

“I nominated her because she has always been giving and she’s a nonstop giver in the community. She’s been a caretaker for her mom, dad and her husband. She’s just a wonderful person,” said Daniels.

Lewis says giving back is her mission.

“I think it’s something that God intends for me to do because basically I’ve been actually a caregiver even in the field working. I always had clients that were elderly or had issues going on with them. Always had to help out or supervise, so I think it’s my mission to care for other people,” said Lewis.

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