Pay It Forward: Bernadine Payne of Tallassee


Every Sunday, you can find Ms. Bernadine Payne playing the piano at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Tallassee.
It’s something she’s done for 50 years!
And that’s not all she does.

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“The reason I nominated Ms. Payne is she’s the musician at the church that I pastor at,” said Rev. Hazell Stoudemire. “Also, in her spare time during the week she’s retired from Headstart but she was delivering meals on wheels. I thought that was so great for her to be able to get out and deliver the people meals on wheels and she was delivering them to their homes,” said Stoudemire.

Ms. Payne started delivering for Meals On Wheels in 2011. And she’s been doing it ever since.

“We go to the home to deliver the meals to people who are home bound and aren’t really able to go out to get them. And it’s such a joy to do that because most of them really, really, really look forward to our coming, you know,” said Payne.

And it’s not always been easy. In fact, just last year, she had her own challenges.

“A little over a year ago this month, Ms. Payne had a stroke and didn’t know whether she was going to be able to walk or talk or do anything. But God has blessed her and she came back to church and she’s playing the piano for everybody. And she started driving a little bit, so God has truly blessed her and it’s just amazing to see that,” said Stoudemire.



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