Another Wave of Extreme Heat on the Way to the Area

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Another heat wave is coming. And weather experts are warning people to take the necessary precautions to stay safe — and beat the heat.

Wal Heat0620 Fox PkgThe scorching heat from the Alabama summer sun — has been intense this month. Central and west Alabama — were under a heat advisory for six consecutive days last week. And weather experts say more extreme heat — is on the way.

“We’re in a little bit of a break from the extreme heat, extreme humidity right now, said meteorologist Ben Lang. “But probably Wednesday afternoon, that’s when we’re talking air temperatures 100-plus. Heat index in that danger zone of 105 or above.”

Andrew Wells owns Fresh Trim Car Wash in Selma. Workers there wash and detail cars outside in the summer heat.

Wal Heat0620 Fox Pkg1“It’s like an oven man. Like a big giant oven,” said Wells. “We out here playing in water while we working. So, I’m glad it’s a wet job. At the same time, we got this heat out here. You just got to stay hydrated. Keep them fluids in you man.”

Lemarkus Snow owns Snow’s Cleaning Service. His business provides lawn care service — to various clients — all over Selma.

“Any of us get hot we always take a break,” said Snow. “We just stop, drink a little water. Cool off and get back at it. That’s the cycle we take everyday, all day.”

Most heat-related illnesses occur because of overexposure to heat — or over-exercising. Some symptoms include heavy sweating — nausea — muscle cramps — dizziness — and headaches.

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