Pay It Forward: Annie Rowell of Camden


“She is an amazing example of a Christian woman that I admire very much. She always thinks of others before she thinks of herself. If there is someone in need, my mother is the first one to say ‘what can I do? I’m gonna do this to help them.,'” said Rowell’s daughter Stephanie.

For about five years, Annie Rowell has been making cards of inspiration for people in the nursing home.

“The outside people that went in there were always commenting on the cards in there so I said why not? That’s why I continued,” said Rowell.

So each month she makes 35 cards with stickers and a Bible verse on the inside.

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“Employees at the nursing home have told my mom what a smile it puts on their residents faces there,” said Stephanie.

Ms. Annie was diagnosed with neuropathy about 10 years ago.
But it’s not slowing her down.

“I had a niece in a wheelchair with spina bifida and she did them until she passed away. But I continue to do them and I started to stop because I have numbness in these three fingers, sometimes it’s hard writing. Somebody told me ‘no, don’t.’ She said because they place them around out there and it does so good for the residents, so I hated to stop,” said Rowell.

“That drive to do the works of the Lord is what drives my mother and it’s so admirable,” said Stephanie.




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