Alabama Attorney General Explains Alabama’s Abortion Law

Alabama’s abortion law, known as the “Human Life Protection Act'” went into effect on Friday June 24, the same day that the Supreme Court overturned Roe V. Wade.

Many people are unfamiliar with the details of the law, so Alabama News Network reporter and anchor Jerome Jones spoke with Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall for a detailed explanation of what is in the law.

Here are highlights from the Attorney General’s interview:

  • The act does not criminalize mothers, only providers who perform abortions or administer medications for abortion.
  • There is no provision for rape or incest. Under the law women who are pregnant under those circumstances are required to carry rape or incest pregnancies to term.
  • The lone exception is for serious medical risk to the mother of the child. Under these circumstances a pregnancy may be terminated. Certain perimeters would have to be met for a valid exception.
  • Birth Control and Plan B do not fall under the law and are completely legal and available in Alabama.
  • Providers found guilty of performing abortions face a class-A felony, the most serious besides Capitol Murder, and could carry a life sentence in prison.

Marshall says the Attorney General’s Office will work with local police across the state to ensure the law is enforced, and ensure they understand ┬áthe provisions of the law.

Marshall also says his office will prosecute any District Attorney, who refuses to prosecute abortion providers.

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