Fourth of July Celebrations on the Alabama River

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Boating on the Alabama River — is a Fourth of July summertime tradition for a lot of people in Selma.

“Selma’s lucky. We have one of the greatest natural resources in the whole state. And that’s the Alabama River,” said Ray Hogg.

The Selma engineer says cruising the Alabama River on the 4th of July — is an annual tradition for his family.

“The grand kids just love being on the water. It’s family time for us,” said Hogg.

Wal Riverfourth Fox Pkg 1“Now we have been out on the boat Saturday and yesterday. But today kind of is the culmination of the whole weekend. We’ve seen plenty of fireworks. We’ll go down about 5 miles and maybe see some friends down there. There’s a little sand bar.”

“Little Miami is a big place. And they’ve got, I think they call it Long Beach on the other side of the river. They’re kind of across from one another,” said Scott Swanson.

“It’s just we’re everybody comes. A lot of people come down here that are friends. Come down here and hang out, water ski, inner tube. I guess it’s just like a kind of cool place to gather.”

“We’ll probably hang out there a little bit. But to be honest, it’s so hot today, we’re probably gon’ have to stay cruisin’. That’s the only air conditioning we got, is that 25 mile per hour air conditioning,” said Hogg.

“We’re just gon’ take an afternoon cruise — and come in a little bit before dark. But family time.

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