Pay It Forward: Anthony Brock of Montgomery


Our Pay it Forward honoree this week is Anthony Brock of Montgomery. He and his brother, Fred, founded Valiant Cross Academy for young men.

In 2015, Anthony and Fred Brock founded an academy in downtown Montgomery focused on not just academics, but character values, discipline and excellence with hopes of changing the life trajectory of many African American boys.

“I just lost my father this past week, and Fred and I grew up with a really solid father and great mother in our household. We realize that was not always the case. I think I first realized it when I was at college just going home with some of my friends. I think that’s why God planted that seed in me to kind of stand in the gap for as many young African American males as possible,” said Brock.

Valiant Cross 4 1

Dinah White enrolled her grandson with the first class of sixth graders at Valiant Cross called “scholars” in 2015.

“I met the Brock brothers and they are absolutely wonderful young men, and I am so in awe and enamored by the thought of being at the ground level of something new,” said White.

That group of boys, now young men, recently graduated.

“I’m very proud of that group of guys who hung in there with us from day one. That group of parents like Ms. White who have been there since day one, just kinda makes the story that much sweeter,” said Brock.

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