Pay It Forward: Beth Rogers of Luverne


Four years ago, Beth Rogers and her husband started a motorcycle ministry at their Living Water Coffee House in Luverne.

“We just wanted a place for people to come that would come and not feel like they are being judged for how they look or how old they are or how young they are, people with tattoos or people with funny colored hair, people with clothes differently than what you normally think as a church clothes. We just wanted people to feel welcome,” said Rogers.

While it started with Bible studies and coffee, it’s grown to include more menu items and more community involvement.

“She runs a motorcycle ministry. She is part of the Chamber of Commerce. She’s part of the Crenshaw County Animal Society. She has free movie night, free family game night. There’s so much that she’s done just to better the community,” said Lisa Oliver, her nominator.

Candy Harden says she has been a recipient of Roger’s care and concern.

“Beth has done so much. I met her through her sister-in-law. I was going through a hard time where my house had been burned down and I met Beth. You’re dealing with a lot of anxiety then and she helps people with their anxieties,” said Harden.


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