Pay It Forward: Cheryl Graham of Montgomery


In April of 2018, Cheryl Graham, a former nurse and case manager, decided to start an organization called Amazing Grace Health Ministries, Inc. after seeing a need for senior care. She helps senior citizens by giving out groceries, taking them to the doctor, and helping them with prescriptions.

“You know, not knowing how to maneuver through the healthcare system, not being able to pay a co-pay. One guy wasn’t taking his meds because he couldn’t read. He never told anyone, so being able to meet those needs was something that just gave me such fulfillment,” said Graham.

She has recruited volunteers like Vicky Grice who nominated her for the award.

“She has done so much for the community especially for Amazing Grace, food drives, and she has a program I am very interested in that I participated in called the TAP program that’s ‘Telephone Assurance Program’ that you make calls to various individuals I don’t even know, just to see how they are doing,” said Grice.

For Graham, it’s a calling that drives her to do what she can for them.

“My motto is ‘S.I.N. no more’ and S.I.N. is not sin as most of us would think, but ‘Seniors In Need no more.’ No more. They shouldn’t be a need. We should all do what we can to help someone in need who is vulnerable and has no one,” said Graham.


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