AHSAA Needs Referees

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Alabama High School Athletic Association – Alabama News Network

The Alabama High School Athletic Association says its about 1,000 referees short statewide as it looks to hire more.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the AHSAA had about 8,000 referees. Now that number is down to about 7,000.
Ken Washington, director of officials for AHSAA, says with the absence of sports during the pandemic, that when it was time to come back to sports, a lot of the veteran referees were afraid of contracting the virus and others had underlying health issues that kept them away from returning.
The need for 1,000 referees is across all sports. An official working in a five-person crew would be paid $110 plus travel. For a seven-person crew, the pay is $100 per official with travel.
The pay varies. Volleyball officials make about $75 a match.
To apply, send an email to kwashington@ahsaa.com
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