Hunters Bag Big Gator on Cahaba River in Dallas Co.

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Alligator hunting season wrapped up at sunrise Sunday in the West Central Zone — which includes Dallas and Wilcox counties — and a portion of Monroe County.

Wal Alligatorseason PkgAustin Rouse — along with his son — his father — and his father-in-law — have been gator hunting on the Cahaba River in Dallas County over the past two weekends.

“We put in just before dark. We ride once hunting hours start at sunset. And you shine a spotlight until you see the eyeballs,” said Rouse.

“And when you do, you ride up to them and see if they’re a big enough one you want to capture and kill.”

Rouse and his party pulled an 11-foot 6-inch long — 388 pound alligator — out of the murky waters of the Cahaba. It was the biggest alligator harvested in the West Central Zone this year.

“We fought him for about two and a half hours before we got him up to the boat. We get three hooks in him, three different fishing rods, to be able to get him all the way up by the boat.”

Wal Alligatorseason Pkg2Ten year old Owen — says bagging the big gator was a little scary at first — but overall — it was fun.

“I was asleep whenever they came up on him. Whenever I woke up they had him up by the boat — fighting with him. And we had to get the noose around him before I could shoot him. Whenever I shot him I just started shaking,” he said.

Rouse says a healthy dose of fear — mixed with a rush of adrenaline — makes the hunt exciting — and intense.

“It was great. I like it. I’ll go again,” said Owen.

The state of Alabama has allowed controlled alligator hunts since 2006.

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