Pay It Forward: Herbert Blackmon of Orrville


Herbert Blackmon is a retired teacher. He was nominated for being a champion for the less fortunate and true servant leader.
Blackmon spent 35 years in education, and now gives back to his community through special programs at the Five Points Community Development Center.

“He has dedicated his retirement life to serving his constituents, not only his students, schools, but also the elderly people.” said Jerolene Williams, his nominator.

From tutoring kids in kindergarten through 12th grade, providing medical needs to senior citizens who can’t go to the doctor, and operating a food bank program, Blackmon has touched many people across the community.

“He has helped a multitude of people. I mean students who have gone on to college students who have gotten jobs are doing well in the community, they come back and thank him,” said Williams.

Blackmon says it all started when he was in the Army.

“When I was 19-years-old, I got drafted to go to Vietnam and made the Lord a promise. I guess we all do in Vietnam. I was in Cambodia. Promised the good Lord if I could get out of Cambodia I would go back and serve the community,” said Williams.


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