Pay It Forward: Jovonna Gunn of Montgomery


Jovonna Gunn knows what it’s like first hand to be homeless and experience the kindness of a stranger. Now she’s the one giving back.

For the past two years, Jovonna Gunn and her husband have been grilling and packing meals for the homeless.

“She does this on her own time. She does have a full-time job. She, like I said, uses money out of her own pocket. She’s very modest. She doesn’t ask anyone for anything,” said Sharon Hardy, who nominated Gunn.

Gunn and her husband will pray with the people who receive the meals.
And the paper bags full of nourishment also have nourishment for the soul with an encouraging message on them.

“Some of them can’t read it, so we read it to them or they’ll read it back to us. I really think it encourages them because it’s the brown bag with her encouragement on it, so they look forward to it.  I love it because it lifts my spirits too… I love it,” said Gunn.

We asked Gunn why she chooses to give back. She says it all stems from her own experience.

“I’m so giving because I was in their place. I was homeless myself my first year moving here from California, so I was a homeless coming out of a domestic violence relationship. A stranger gave me my first meal and didn’t know who I was. So I know how they feel. I know how the judgment is, but from my heart knowing I’ve been there, I’m like it doesn’t matter what you were going through. I’m going to be there for you,” said Gunn.

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