Main Street Alabama Resource Team Visits Demopolis

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

The city of Demopolis is working to revitalize it’s downtown area. The city became a Main Street Alabama community earlier this year.

A Resource Team from Main Street Alabama takes a 3-day deep dive into the Demopolis community this week.

The Main Street program uses a four-point approach — that includes — organization — design — promotion — and economic vitality.

Wal Demopdowntown Fox PkgExperts in each of the four areas make up the Resource Team.

Mary Helmer Wirth is the team leader.

“We help communities understand how to improve their downtown district working with their existing businesses first. And how to make it look better, how to make it feel better. How to make people want to come and spend time, money,” said Wirth.

“These folks are exceptional at thinking outside the box,” said Demopolis Mayor Woody Collins.

“These people to me are very, very impressive at their ability to analyze what you got, look at it, and come up with business opportunities that are successful for everybody.”

The team is in the city — touring — and interviewing people in the community.

“They’re really boots on the ground for this,” said Main Street Demopolis Executive Director Rhae Darsey.

“They’re really trying to get a feel for Demopolis as a whole, not just downtown, but the demographic, what the town needs, what the town’s looking for.”

Then, the team will recommend a course of action to Main Street Demopolis — based on it’s findings.

The visit will conclude with a public presentation — Thursday at 5 pm — at Rooster Hall.

The goal of the Main Street program is to help communities — organize for success — create vibrant public spaces — and enhance their economic base.

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