Pay It Forward: Darlene Brown of Millbrook


Our Pay It Forward honoree this week is Darlene Brown of Millbrook. She is an ER nurse at Baptist Medical Center East. Here’s how she is paying it forward.

Darlene Brown worked as a dialysis tech before returning to school in the height of the Covid pandemic. She then went on to graduate and become a board certified LPN and now works at Baptist East.

“I have watched her over the years, the way she deals with people, the attitude she has, and the love she has for people not just her patients, but people in general,” said her nominator Tommie Dickerson.

It’s Brown’s heart for people that makes her go out of her way to care for them.

“I thought about a particular patient that she had and this young lady sometimes she would get sick. She would be weary when she’d go into dialysis. She would just be all out of whack, but then some way, somehow she would encourage her even when she was in the hospital even after she left Alabama. She would give her a call and contact her to see how she was doing,” said Dickerson.

For Brown, there are no boundaries when it comes to giving to people.

“We want to put a limit on it, but right now in our society we need to take the limits off and treat everybody the way we want to be treated. Not so much of giving money or anything, but giving help or just encouraging them to keep going. Love on them or give them a hug, and let them know they are just as important as you are,” said Brown.

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