Pay It Forward: Tametria Dantzler of Montgomery


Tametria Dantzler knows first hand the needs of families who are raising children with autism, and she is making a difference in lives across the River Region.

Here’s how she is paying it forward.

Nine years ago, Dantzler founded an organization called D.A.T.S. M.O.M.. It stands for “Disability as an Ability Toward Success: Moms on the Move.”

“When it comes to D.A.T.S. M.O.M., Mrs. Dantzler is one of the most deserving people I know. She runs a nonprofit for families who have children on the spectrum. She reaches out whenever she can to do whatever she can,” said Ashley Bell.

One part of the organization is a respite program where once a month, parents are able to bring their child on the spectrum and their siblings to Eastdale Baptist Church to play games, and parents can have time for themselves.

“So I just put myself in someone else’s shoes. Even my birthing the organization, I am who I needed at the time nine years ago when my son was diagnosed with autism, so writing the program, providing the services, these are all things I needed nine years ago,” said Dantzler.

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