Express Voting Machines at Montgomery Polls

This year at the polls, Montgomery voters will see more express voting machines.

The machines have been available for voters with disabilities, now every voter will have the opportunity to use the machines.

Officials say the machine is simply a ballot marking device.

Everyone will get the same ballot, those who choose to use the express voting machine have options to make reading the ballot easier.

The machine simple reads the ballot, then allows the voter to make fonts bigger, adjust contrast, read the ballot in braille and have the ballot read aloud through headphones.

Montgomery County will have at least 4 of these machines at each polling place.

The effort is to make voting easier regardless of disabilities or difficulty reading or viewing the ballot.

According to Montgomery County Probate Judge J.C. Love III, ” there is no connectivity to the internet, they don’t even have modems. Under Alabama law no election equipment in the state can have connectivity to the internet. More importantly, there are no votes stored on this machine. The only thing this machine allows you to do is put in your ballot, it pulls up the races to be voted on, and then prints them out, then you put it in the tabulator as your normally would.”

A number of states including Florida and South Carolina use Express Voting machines as their primary method of voting.


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