Pay It Forward: James Mulder of Eclectic


You can find James Mulder paying it forward any day of the week.

He has worked with my husband. He’s worked on my stove, my refrigerator, washer, dryer, car, TV, even a snowmobile I have. He has worked and fixed things for all of these people here. He has worked on all of their different things that they needed,” said Deborah Esco.

And that’s not all he does.

“And you call him and if he’s not there that day, he’ll be there the next day and never wants to get paid. Just a wonderful man. He used to bring an older woman and she was about in her 90’s to Walmart store every week to do her shopping. He wasn’t even related to her and he took her,” said Esco.

Mulder says he doesn’t do it for the recognition.

“Really, people need a break in life, so I help them. The reward is a smile from them,” said Mulder.

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