Pay It Forward: Karla Smilie Groves of Montgomery


Karla Smilie Groves has a heart for the homeless.

In 2018, Groves started a homeless ministry in her own home. She gathered a group of ladies together to make mats for the homeless out of grocery bags.

“It takes 2,005 grocery bags to make one mat and so it takes a process of straightening those out and cutting them and looping them and then weaving them,” said Groves.

It’s a long process. But for Groves, it’s worth it because it all comes from what’s in her heart. Grace Beazey nominated Groves for the Vance Law Firm Pay It Forward award for all she does to pay it forward to others.

“She works so hard through all this, and she’s so pleasing to others. She has such a good heart,” said Beazey.

Groves has also been a friend to Beazey in times of need.

“My husband was in the bed sick and down and out for about six months before he passed away. I always found soup at my front door. She’s very kind,” said Beazey.

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