Selma Police Issue New Year’s Celebration Warnings

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

As people get set to ring in a new year this weekend — Selma Police are warning people — against shooting their guns in the air — on New Year’s Eve.

Police Chief Kenta Fulford knows people will be out this weekend — ringing in the New Year. So he’s put together a short list — to help people celebrate safely.

First and foremost on that list — is celebratory gunfire.

Wal Nyegunfire Pkg“Celebratory gunfire is illegal in the city. When you fire a gun those bullets got to come down somewhere. Either somebody house. Or a car. Or maybe hit a person,” said Fulford.

Next on the list — Fulford says anyone planning to party and drink in the new year — should also plan to have a designated driver.

Because his officers will be out in full force this weekend — patrolling the streets.

“We will have extra manpower on the streets because of this New Year’s weekend,” said Fulford.

“Some of them are just becoming of age so they celebrating,” said Shirley Minniefield.

“It’s New Year’s Eve. They get excited. So, I can understand that. But it’s a way to do it. And they don’t know. So, it’s up to us to tell them.”

Finally — Fulford says shooting off fireworks is not allowed within the Selma city limits.

“Fireworks can start fires. Most houses around the city are no more than 50, 60 feet from each other. So, if you want to do fireworks go out in the country, find a safe place to do that,” Fulford said.

“But here in the city of Selma, we do not tolerate celebratory gunfire or fireworks.”

Or drunk drivers.

The New Year’s Day holiday period — extends from 6 pm Friday — to 11:59 pm Monday, January 2nd.

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