EF-1 Tornado Destroys Perry Co. Home

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A Perry County couple is on the long road to recovery — after storms destroy their home Tuesday afternoon.

Nathaniel and Sylvia Hester — are cleaning up their property — and trying salvage whatever they can. But their house is a total loss.

Wal Perrydamage0104 PkgThe couple says the storm picked up their house and moved it four feet off its foundation, and dropped it. And they were inside the house when it happened.

“We were in the living room sitting on the couch,” said Sylvia Hester.

“The BOLOs went off. And then we heard a crackling noises while trees was coming down.”

“And then it sound like a train was coming up through here. About two or three of them was coming,” said Nathaniel Hester.

“Then all of a sudden the trailer come up, got up off the ground and we was floating, like we was on water. And then all of a sudden it just dropped us back down.”

They say it happened in slow motion — and in a split second — at the same time.

Wal Perrydamage0104 Pkg2“It was just like if you winked your eye,” said Nathaniel.

“I mean it was just that quick.”

The couple says the experience — has only strengthened their faith in God.

“When it hit I just knew my husband and I wouldn’t be here,” said Sylvia.

“But my husband told me, he said baby, we gon’ be alright.”

“God got us,” said Nathaniel.

“God got us, we ain’t worried. We didn’t even get a scratch on us,”

The couple says their home — was insured.

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