Pay It Forward: Eddie Brooks, Jr. of Uniontown

Our Vance Law Firm's Pay It Forward honoree is Eddie Brooks, Jr of Uniontown. He is a barber and serves his community by helping out those in need.


Eddie Brooks, Jr is a Vietnam veteran and still serving through his barbershop in Uniontown. In fact, he even gives free haircuts to the homebound and will take older community members to their appointments.

His sister Georgia Askew nominated him for the award.

“He’s a very giving person, and I told him his middle name should be “Giving.” Some days at the upholstery shop and other days at his barber shop, he’s working. He’s a working man, and he will help anybody who needs the help,” said Askew.

Brooks says he learned to help others from his parents.

“I guess I came up with poor parents. My mama and daddy were sharecroppers. They didn’t have much. Then my mother, I don’t care when she goes to see someone if she didn’t have but a dollar, she’d always put a dollar in their hand before she leave them. I guess I got that from her. I feel like you want to be able to help a person whether it’s a little or much. That’s why I feel it’s a blessing to continue to help people because it’s always someone lower than you,” said Brooks.

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