Signs of Progress Beginning to Show in Selma Recovery

From West Alabama Newsroom–

People in Selma are beginning to see — the start of some progress — as the process of cleaning up after the recent tornado continues.

As city streets reopen to thru-traffic — the full extent of the devastation caused by the tornado — is becoming more apparent.

“As of today, we have the majority of all our streets are accessible,” said Hicks.

“We can go through the city. You can maneuver around through the city.”

Wal Tornadoscams PkgSelma took a direct hit from an EF-2 tornado just over a week ago. The twister cut a 23-mile path of destruction through the city.

“It begins on the western corner of our city and runs all the way through the city to the eastern corner,” said  Mayor James Perkins.

“It’s about, roughly about a third of the city really was truly directly affected,” said Dr. Denisha Hendricks.

“And we’re estimating about 3300 homes were lost.”

One of them belonged to Lashawdo Cutler of Selma.

The single mother of three — says a tree fell on her house during the storm. So, now she’s staying with her mother — until she gets another place of her own.

“You could just hear the wind. Like, you could just hear all the stuff on the outside just blowing. And it was just roaring,” said Cutler.

“All I remember is just getting low, dicking my head down, I put my hand on my head and praying. Just praying. Praying to God.”

The city has set up a Distribution Center at the George Evans Building — to provide tornado victims — with much-needed supplies. And churches all over the city — have joined in the effort to help.

“This city is going to need help months, years from now,” said Kathy Smith.

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